About Us

E’PICE is a family owned line of spices from the Island of Haiti, a brand filled with the traditions and customs of homemade Haitian spices with all natural ingredients that will bring a taste of the Caribbean to your household. Epis (Haitian créole) is a vibrant flavorful all natural meat, seafood and vegetable seasoning, originating from the Caribbean island of Haiti. It is made with fresh vegetables and herbs. Taste the bold freshness and the savory blend of spices! Add epis to kick off any meal idea.

We are a family run brand that emphasizes and specializes in bringing the taste of the Caribbean throughout the United States. Our primary objective is to enrich and infuse the aroma and flavor of the Caribbean in every dish. Even when you’re not on vacation visiting the beautiful island of Haiti, you can still taste and smell it in your food.

E’PICE is your one stop shop for all things flavorful. We are dedicated to providing top of the line natural herbs and spices.


How is it made?

We use completely 100% all natural Caribbean blended herbs and vegetables in all our seasonings

How do I ensure the freshness?

If kept in the fridge epis can last fresh up to 3 months, in the freezer up to 6 months from the moment it is opened

What can I add it to?

Epis can be added to any dish, meats, seafood, vegetables, rice dishes or any other food that you want to add a rich flavorful taste to.

Any animal products?

None of our products have any animal products or nuts. It’s all just herbs and vegetables.

Where can I purchase this product?

You can purchase our product right here on our website or follow the link below.

Where is it made?

All of our spices and seasonings are homemade; to ensure the Caribbean richness is infused in every spoonful.

How much seasoning should I add?

That would entirely depend on you, a little bit goes a long way!

Should it be added in before the meal is cooked or after?

It is best to add prior to cooking; the more you marinate your meat or products in the seasoning before cooking it the more flavor and aroma it will have.

Is epis spicy?

It comes in spicy or mild

Where do you guys deliver?

We deliver all across the United States.